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7 diciembre, 2017
The importance of hygiene in the home

The importance of hygiene in the home

It can be said that hygiene begins at home. Hygiene is a fundamental habit to minimize the chances that our body comes in contact with germs that are dangerous to our health. Personal hygiene is essential to maintain our health, which is reinforced if we also take care of the cleanliness of the environments in […]
1 diciembre, 2017
Better cleanliness, better productivity

Better cleanliness, better productivity

Having an optimal cleaning program allows us to project an excellent corporate image, improve productivity and can even influence the certification processes, as is especially the case with companies that produce food. Hence, there are specialized companies that know and know how to perform different jobs in this aspect. The order of cleanliness has a […]
31 octubre, 2017
cleaning service company

Six reasons to hire a cleaning service for your company

Hiring a professional cleaning company can bring many benefits to your company. Whether in the industrial or corporate areas, school or small office or residential areas, maintaining good cleanliness and hygiene is essential. Hiring a professional cleaning company for these cases carries many benefits, and here we list them: The first reason is that by […]
22 octubre, 2017
housekeeping service

A good hygiene to avoid allergies

Failure to do proper grooming at home can lead to illnesses such as rhinitis and asthma. Pollen, mold, mites, cockroaches, dust etc … can trigger serious problems for family health. Home care is the key to curbing possible allergies and triggering major diseases. If you have obstruction and constant nasal discharge, repetitive sneezing, headache, discomfort, […]
6 noviembre, 2014
vacuum cleaner service

The importance of removing dust

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6 noviembre, 2014
clean microwave lw

How to clean your Microwave

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