The importance of hygiene in the home

Better cleanliness, better productivity
Better cleanliness, better productivity
1 diciembre, 2017
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The importance of hygiene in the home

The importance of hygiene in the home

The importance of hygiene in the home

It can be said that hygiene begins at home.

Hygiene is a fundamental habit to minimize the chances that our body comes in contact with germs that are dangerous to our health. Personal hygiene is essential to maintain our health, which is reinforced if we also take care of the cleanliness of the environments in which we move and, especially, that of our own home.

Why is hygiene so important?

Germs and bacteria can develop in different places and conditions, but there are certain situations that make their location and transmission more propitious. They tend to develop in the environment under normal temperature conditions, and water and air are their preferred areas to grow and spread.

Any object can become the perfect place for the development of bacteria dangerous to our health. Floors, carpets, furniture, door panels, telephone and even television control can be a refuge for viruses or bacteria. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the hygiene of the whole house, although there are two areas that require more effort at the time of cleaning: the kitchen and the bathroom.

Why is cleaning the kitchen so important?

The kitchen is the space in which we prepare and cook the food that should guarantee us the energy to develop our daily activities. But, if we do it in an environment that does not meet the right conditions, food can become transmitters of germs that put our health at risk.

The kitchen is a place where a set of potentially dangerous elements coexist, such as wet areas (the sink and the dish drainer), the elements used for cleaning (scourers, wipes and kitchen towels) and even the surfaces on which food is prepared (cutting boards, table and utensils). In addition to regularly cleaning these surfaces and objects, it is essential to pay close attention to the hygiene of food, especially those who eat without any cooking, such as fruits and vegetables.

And the one in the bathrooms?

The bathrooms is the other environment in which we must take special care. There we carry out our physiological needs every day and we use it to take care of our body hygiene. As in the kitchen, the heat and humidity conditions of the bathroom favor the proliferation of bacteria.

In this environment, several risk factors coexist, such as wet surfaces (the bathtub and the toilet) and objects that are usually wet and that in these conditions can develop bacteria (towels and bathroom rugs). As with the kitchen, in the bathroom it is necessary to guarantee a constant hygiene and to ensure a good ventilation that allows the renewal of the air and the evaporation of the humidity.

Helpful tips

  • Keep all surfaces of the kitchen in perfect hygiene conditions. Regularly clean the sink, the dish rack and the surfaces and objects used for cooking. It is also important to wash and disinfect the garbage can and the area around it.
  • Change and clean the cleaning elements properly. Kitchen towels should be changed regularly and frequently. The same is true for scourers and bayettes, which must be cleaned between use and use and changed regularly.
  • The bathroom should shine. It is essential to regularly clean and disinfect the bathtub, sink and toilets to eliminate any possibility of bacteria developing. At the same time, it is necessary to ventilate the room regularly to let the moisture go.
  • Keep objects used for body cleaning dry. A very important task is to hang the towels after each use to dry. In addition, it is suggested that each person have a towel assigned for their personal use.
  • The hands, clean. The first source of transmission of bacteria can be our hands, which at each moment come into contact with different surfaces and objects. Therefore, it is best to clean them with soap and water every time we touch a surface that could be dangerous.

Home hygiene can be hard work when it comes to maintaining environments free of bacteria and germs, in addition to having and knowing how to use the right elements to achieve that perfection, so that most times it is better to leave this task to professionals.

They are people trained to perform this task, knowing products and techniques that significantly improve all areas of the home and keep them free of bacteria and germs.

In LW Cleaning we are professionals in the cleaning service for the residential and commercial sector, we understand our clients and act for them in cleaning and cleaning.

Contact us, our goal is to provide an excellent service every time we clean your home.

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