Better cleanliness, better productivity

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Six reasons to hire a cleaning service for your company
31 octubre, 2017
The importance of hygiene in the home
The importance of hygiene in the home
7 diciembre, 2017
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Better cleanliness, better productivity

Better cleanliness, better productivity

Better cleanliness, better productivity

Having an optimal cleaning program allows us to project an excellent corporate image, improve productivity and can even influence the certification processes, as is especially the case with companies that produce food. Hence, there are specialized companies that know and know how to perform different jobs in this aspect.

The order of cleanliness has a fundamental part in any company, to carry out our activities in an efficient, productive and comfortable way. It is necessary to keep it clean and free of hazards in the workplace, which also leads to greater protection against accidents and a better state of health of all those who are part of the company.

Therefore, the tendency is to contract an outsourcing, because it is about companies that have enough staff and the necessary equipment to fulfill professionally and ideally.

Its tasks include cleaning, disinfection and maintenance of factories, hospitals, airports, residential complexes, educational establishments and shopping centers, among others.

Avoiding workplace injuries is one of the main concerns of any organization, so it is important to consider, for example, that any spilled liquid or obstacle in the ground can be the cause of dangerous falls. A good maintenance and cleaning program is effective to protect workers from the hazards that may affect them.

The workers who perform these tasks receive specific training for each case, but in general they are trained to properly handle the different types of waste, to use the disinfectant products well and to implement the safety rules when cleaning glass and facades, for example, among other aspects.

An orderly and clean workplace is an important contribution in favor of occupational hygiene and safety and can be reflected in:

  • Increase in production
  • Better control of raw materials
  • Saving time and
  • Decreased risk of accidents

Benefits obtained by employers with this outsourcing.

Among the advantages that organizations that hire cleaning and maintenance services have, are to reduce administrative costs while having specialized personnel for these tasks; the administration of the operators is carried out by the supplier, must not provide or buy the supplies, or provide the machinery nor its maintenance, because they are aspects assumed by the third party.

With this outsourcing, companies do not spend time in activities that can be carried out by these companies that have specialized in these tasks.

Likewise, the service is adapted to the needs of each institution, and the provider seeks to optimize human resources, cleaning elements, machinery and has an important element such as supervision, with which it verifies that the management provided is the suitable for each activity.

In a broad sense, order and cleanliness can involve psycho-socio-cultural factors that affect the behavior of workers. These are some effects of order and cleanliness in:


  • Reduces risks of incidents and accidents.
  • Reduces disease risks
  • Reduces the risk of fires.


  • Expands the space available for workers.
  • The conservation and repair works are facilitated.
  • Avoid wasting time.
  • Reduce distractions and help maintain the level of attention.
  • Promotes the generation of safe habits and order and cleanliness.
  • It favors the control of raw materials, spare parts, etc.


  • It makes the work easier. Greater efficiency and effectiveness
  • Higher quality and quantity of production, due to the ordering and elimination of waste (waste)
  • A better aspect of the environment positively predisposes to work.
  • The morale of the work of the personnel rises. The workers are more interested in their work.
  • Better organization image, it attracts the external client.

LW Cleaning is a commercial and residential cleaning company that has been doing this service since 2007. One of our main benefits that we offer to our clients is the constant communication and punctuality of our employees.

Our employees are trained to provide your company and home with the proper quality cleaning service. We are available during commercial or non-commercial hours.

Contact Us.

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